How to start a virtual assistant business in 2023

The ultimate guide to setting up a virtual assistant business

Top-notch virtual assistants are a hot commodity. Here’s how you can make your remote business stand out. Keep reading to find out how to start a virtual assistant business Perhaps you need to start looking for a new or second job right away. Or you may need to fund your next career. Whatever the reason, a virtual assistant job can help you achieve financial independence. Anyone who has a computer and an internet connection can work as a virtual assistant. Even if you only have a mobile device.

How to launch a virtual assistant business

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to work as a VA. That’s fantastic! Here are some suggestions to get you going. List your abilities. Make a list of every computer-related skill you have that can be applied remotely. Select the top 10 after that. Following your top ten choices, categorize them as PRO, INTERMEDIATE, or BEGINNER. After that, go through each item and respond to these queries:

  • What else should I study?
  • Which books might I read?
  • What courses might I enroll in?
  • What websites can I use to learn?

Create a strategy for polishing those skills, then act immediately. Then, make a list of all your soft skills. You must be efficient, a problem solver, and possess excellent communication skills. You get bonus points if you are bilingual (or multilingual) Create a CV that highlights your best skills.


Get your name out there. Create a LinkedIn profile and include a list of all your skills and abilities. Submit your resume. Begin making contact with previous employers and coworkers. Request that they validate your abilities. Connect with classmates and teachers if you’re just starting out. Find relevant groups and join the discussion. Depending on your experience, you might make $5 to $50 per hour. You can choose to work for an agency or as a freelancer on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Workana, etc.


Calculating how long it takes you to do particular jobs is the greatest way to determine your worth. How many words can you type in a minute? In an hour, how many websites can you browse? How long does it take to edit photos, create a Linkedin contact request, or post an article online? This can help you determine how much you can charge for your services and how much you can accomplish in an hour.

You might be hired for a normal Monday through Friday job or you might be able to work on a time-limited assignment. If you can handle the workload, this gives you the opportunity to work for numerous clients at once as a freelancer. You must be familiar with some fundamental tools, regardless of the area you choose to pursue. There are many VA jobs available nowadays, but you can charge more for your services if you are more technically skilled. Make a list of the equipment you’ll need for your profession and then watch some YouTube videos. Your time zone is a significant additional consideration. Depending on your field, you want to be accessible throughout office hours. When searching for clients, be sure to keep your location in mind. Make the time difference work in your favor.

Here are some suggestions if you wish to embark on your own virtual assistant venture:

You must be self-driven, proactive, effective, and able to work with little direction if you want to succeed. Find out what talents you already possess and what you still need to develop by starting to browse at VA job descriptions. Create a strategy and start executing it to improve your abilities. Find a typing lesson if you need to type quicker. Find a meetup group if you need to practice your Spanish. Watch videos on YouTube to learn Photoshop if you need to. Every day, Linkedin alone lists dozens of virtual assistant job positions. One of these is ideal for you. You will discover a job that suits you whether you work for an agency or on your own.

Are you ready to launch your own business?

Set yourself apart and get your business set up for success.

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