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A blog post on why starting a business as a virtual assistant is one of the best decisions you can make.

Hi! My name is Gabriela and I am a Business Coach and a fully-booked VA.

I became Fiverr Level 1 seller in less than 3 months!

If you’re thinking about becoming a virtual assistant, you’re probably wondering how to start and what it’s like to be one. Therefore, in this blog, I’ll walk you through all the steps from creating your first resume and profile to finding clients and landing your first gig.

You will learn how to start a Virtual Assistant business and the skills that will set you apart.

Learn How To Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant: Learn about the benefits, duties, and opportunities in the business of being a virtual assistant. 

Come along for a free ride!

I will assist you in convincing clients that they require your services, finding ideal clients, getting out of your way and taking action, knowing how to niche, starting a business with no money down, writing a fantastic proposal, and using marketing tactics.

I will also empower you in gaining self-assurance in your abilities, develop clarity, knowledge of how to run your business, time management skills, the ability to work remotely with others, and a clear explanation of the VA process. 

Some questions I’d like to address on these pages :

  • What exactly is the virtual assistant business?
  • What should I call my virtual assistant company?
  • Is a virtual assistant business profitable?
  • What do you need to know?
  • What industry does a virtual assistant work in?
  • How do you become a virtual assistant? 
  • What exactly is a virtual assistant company?
  • What businesses require virtual assistants and how much do they earn?


I hope this blog is helpful to you, and I wish you well as you launch your virtual assistant business!





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